My French Service by Sophie

My French Service, The art of subliming the service

myfrenchservice by sophie,where your trip becomes a dream

MyFrenchService by Sophie, it's not a simple travel agency; it's a unique interlocutor...A guardian angel of the journey...Who better than the "artisan" experience is there to listen to you, study you and design and realize your dreams in travel projects without forgetting my touch of creativity and my passion for Chefs around the worl.

Your trip will be taken in hand and by heart to make you discover the "French service". It can be simple but elegant or luxurious ans user-friendly.

With 35 years of experience, I guide you through my agency MyFrenchService, in authentic trips where you meet the great culinary actors of the world gastronomy among our partners of excellence. You have access to the universe of         personalized experiences.

An authentic and CARING-FULL agency

What distinguishes MyFrenchService by Sophie is its ability to make unforgettable, to make an impression by addressing the senses and emotions of its customers.


A question of "honor code"


It is necessary to deliver a service of excellence, totally personalized where the satisfaction can only be total and the expectations of the customers preceded.

my know-how is at the service of yours wishes to develop an EXPERIENCE that extends the emotional to the exceptional

During your trip, I strive to give the best of myself and I orchestrate meetings with interesting people, shares with another world exhilarating while remaining friendly.

After many years, my address book has been fully enriched to bring you to various destinations and I also have partners of excellence at your service. For this reason, I covet for you, perfection, excellence and above all emotions.

Warning!! In your extraordinary journey, you may enjoy the best Chefs on the planet, meet outstanding people or land on the most extravagant and secret places in the world.

Ethics and confidentiality



In addition, my requirement of transparency encourage you to a subscription invoiced annually with MyFrenchService

in addition to a direct invoicing at the partners.


Finally, I am committed to ensuring respect, discretion and trust.


I act according to a very strict ethic, based on total financial independence and absolute discretion.


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