Best restaurant
Bayside Restaurant

MyFrenchService advises you and open the doors of the most exclusive restaurant. From the discovery of a new address to the reservation of a table in the most coveted establishment.

The Producer

Wine, Alsace
Family Bott Frères

MyFrenchService makes you know producers attached to their terroir. Visit of their production and tasting of their products.

Cellar Visit

Family Perse, St Emilion, winery, Bordeaux
Chateau Pavie

MyFrenchService makes you discover sites exceptional in the heart of the vineyards.


Maitre cuisiner de France, cooks, best Chef
The Master Chefs

Always ahead towards the transmission and the influence of the French culinary art, The Master Chef of France willingly officiate around the world. Meet new products, new territories of taste. Wherever you are in France or abroad, MyFrenchService will show you these great talents in person.


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